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Title: How to create create admin application. (Tutorial)
Post by: liinor on May 28, 2016, 10:47:40 pm
If you want to be an admin you must create new thread on this format:

What is your nickname ingame: [InC]liinor
How old are you? 21
What is your gender? Male
Where are you from? Finland
What languages can you speak? Finnish, English
What is your main language? Finnish
How long have you played sa-mp? 6 years.
Why you like to play sa-mp? It's super funny game.
What are your earlier nicknames on sa-mp? [RedBirds]liinor, [RedZone]liinor [WAP]liinor, [1mc]liinor [ThC]liinor, [K15]liinor, [Extreme]liinor [SF]liinor
What other sa-mp server have you played: Unlimited Freeroam, [RSD]Andys Server, Gamer X, littlewhiteys, Las Venturas Playground
Have you owned own server: Yes, this is my server.
How did you found our server? I am the founder of this server.
What sa-mp bugs do you know? C bug, 2 shot, weapon switching, slide bug and some interior bugs.
Why you want to be an admin? I made this gamemode and I don't want to screw my community.
What else you want to tell? I am the boss.