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Forum Rules
« on: May 29, 2016, 02:09:07 pm »
Forum rules:
1. You are not allowed to to mention about other servers / forums or scripts if I haven't given you permission for that.
2. No double posting, (Do not create more than one thread of certain subject.
3. When you post something you must post it on correct section or else admin has to move it and you may get punished.
4. If you don't create thread with an correct format, it will be deleted and you may get punished.
5. Please don't post inappropriate messages here. Them may get deleted.
6. You are not allowed to spam unless you are posting on spam allowed thread on Off-Topic section.
7. You are not allowed to teach people of how to download / use cheats or hacks for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Multiplayer.
8. Begging is not acceptable. If you post personal messages to admins instead of using threads admins are allowed to punish you for that.
9. Only 1 Name change request per 1 day is allowed.
10. Breaking forum / server rules may result on punishing.
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