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! 2 Vs 2 Noob Rules !
« on: August 20, 2016, 01:56:03 pm »
No rush 10 (Do not rush until 10 minutes have passed).
Max 3 humvees filled (You are not allowed to fill more than 3 humvees with infantry).
Max 2 Busses filled (You are not allowed to fill more than 2 busses with infantry).
No db (No demo bikes).
No nuke up (No nuke upgrade because nuke migs are too powerfull).
No SW (No Super weapons, if there is some upgrades in sw that you are permitted to buy you can build sw but right after upgrades you must sell it).
No Auroras (You are not allowed to build Auroras and or Alpha auroras).

You Can copy this message to your hotkey because it fits in into game chat and so you don't have to retype everything over and over again.
Max 3 humvees filled,max 2 busses filled, no rush 10,SW,aur,db,nuke up

If you break rules we are allowed to do mismatch.
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